Mission Statement

Strategic positioning:

  • Orientating towards National Strategy intents and frontiers of disciplines

  • Keeping a foothold on the fundamental research and its application of fluid power

  • Exploiting trans-disciplinary fields with fluid power including electron, Informatics, Control Science and bioscience

  • Solving problems of basic theory and key technology on Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems

  • Supporting state economy and social development

Development Target:

  • Raising and developing innovative theory, principle and method

  • Solving science problems and key technology

  • Developing prototype machines and integrated systems

  • Realizing technology transformation

We are trying to be—

  • A platform for high-level fundamental and application research in this field

  • A platform for cultivating and gathering top-talents as well as carrying out high-level academic exchanges

  • A platform for promoting technology application and industrial development in this field