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Nanoparticle Dispersion Problem in Nanomanufacturing of Super Metals

Reporter: Prof. Xiaochun Li, University of California, Loa Angeles (UCLA), USA

Time: 10:30~12:00

Place: Room 410, Old Hydraulic Building


Metals are widely used in numerous industrial engineering applications. However, conventional processing methods have reached limits in further improving the properties of metals. With a recent breakthrough of nanomanufacturing technology on the principle of nanoparticle dispersion in metals at UCLA, Super Metals (Meta-Metals) containing populous ex-situ nanoparticles can deliver unprecedented properties, such as strength, stiffness, plasticity and high temperature stability. This approach of Super Metals paves a revolutionary way to enhance the performance of all metals to meet energy and sustainability challenges in today’s society.

Brief Introduction:

Professor Xiaochun Li is the Raytheon Endowed Chair in Manufacturing Engineering in the Departments of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering & Materials Science and Engineering at University of California, Loa Angeles (UCLA). He currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for the California Smart Manufacturing Center, DOE Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

He received his Ph.D. at Stanford University in 2001. He is a holder of multiple best paper awards and patents, including five of those licensed by industry. Dr. Li received National Science Foundation CAREER award in 2002, Jiri Tlusty Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award from Society of Manufacturing Engineers in 2003, and 2008 Howard F. Taylor Award from American Foundry Society (AFS). Dr. Li was previously a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) from 2001 to 2013. He served as the Director of Nano-Engineered Materials Processing Center (NEMPC) at UW-Madison between 2009 and 2013. Dr. Li has been elected Fellows in American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the International Society for Nanomanufacturing.