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  • Test Rig Effective Fluid Bulk Mudulus inHydraulic Systems
  • Test Platform of High-speed Hydraulic Chuck
  • Research Platform for Developing Aircraft Hydraulic Components and Sysytems
  • Comprehensive Test Bench for Hhydraulic Components
  • Test Apparatus for Flow Ripple of Hydraulic Pump
  • Test Rig of High Flow Servo Cartridge Valve and Servo System
  • Experiment System for Lubrication Characteristics
  • Semi-physical Simulation Test Rig for Electro-hydraulic Control System of Shield Tunneling Machine
  • Test Rig for Rotational-spool High-power Electro-hydraulic Vibration Exciter
  • Test Rig for Macroscopic and Microcosmic characteristic of Hydraulic Pump/Motor